MCore - Liquid Business Modelling & Operations

MCore provides a liquid user experience covering Business analysis as well as implentation and operations.

So called "paper based" operation of the newest and most profitable business models of an organization, which are typically run with help of Excel spreadsheets, are propulsed to a new level of simplicity and sustainablity with MCore.

Like in Excel, the activities of analysis, implementation and operations are coalescing. The well working tabular interface from Excel is kept available to the business user, across analysis, implementation, and operation activities.

In addition you get with the freely available, open source MCore tooling::

calculations are defined  in a business rule editor, with pulldowns and forms
ADVANTAGE: no need to learn textual syntax as in Excel or to program
tables of objects can be nested, through a tree like folding structure
ADVANTAGE: to display and manage 1000 objects, you simply introduce three hierarchy levels, resulting on 10 objects per level
objects can be directly referenced, rather than using any kind of "key"
ADVANTAGE: references remain valid infinitely through a unique ID assigned to every object on creation.

a diagrammatic view like in Visio is provided for objects, their concepts and relations
ADVANTAGE: no need to leave the real data to discuss a few objects and to clarify the underlying concepts and relations.
mature structures and calculations can be deployed like real software
ADVANTAGE: if your structure and calculations become mature, can generate a specialized tool for your domain!
hand over to IT becomes smooth, as the needed IT artefacts are generated for you
ADVANTAGE: if your new business model moves from "paper based" to IT managed, you can simply hand over the MCore model!


Total free usage and access to source code. The licence model is EPL.

For business users we assist to installation for free.

For technical users, MCore can be installed in any Mars Eclipse IDE, use update site Or go to Eclpse Market place at and drag the install button into your running Eclipse!

Getting Started Documents

LDE Installation Instructions_20150615.docx 15. Jun 2015 00:25 Detailed Installation, Import, Export instructions for Windows 8.1

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